LED Fills Entire Wall At Regional Bank’s Newest Branch

November 12, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is a screen grab (video in embedded tweet below) of a direct view LED video wall being tested at a branch of Amerant, a regional, Florida-based community bank.

The fine-pitch LED fills the rear wall behind the customer service counters and wraps around a doorway. It is reminiscent of what has been happening in the lobbies of office towers, but in this case, it is a bank branch.

So we’re now at a point in both design choices and pricing that fine pitch LED is going into standalone banking centers as the key visual feature.

One of the things to like here is the creative, which is visually interesting and is entirely about experience, as opposed to a big, wall-filling marketing piece that tries to get something like sign-ups for a new credit card or interest-bearing account.

There are other opportunities and ways to do that and I wonder if there’s a conclusion that a bank that looks and feels cool is better for return business than a bank that is always in selling mode.

The digital side of the new branch was designed by Phoenix-based consultancy/agency DBSI, which focuses on retail banking.

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