Now That Coca-Cola Times Square LED Appears To Be Under Repair

November 11, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Maybe this routine maintenance. Maybe they’re cleaning off city grime. But whatever the case, that ill-fated kinetic Coca-Cola LED display in Times Square had workers and window-cleaner style scaffolding up on Friday.

A reader in the city for meetings grabbed a couple of shots, showing numerous that are out and a crew at work.

The giant LED sign went live in Aug. 2017, which prompted knowing industry ops experts to suggest:

  1. That thing will break down in no time;
  2. The Coca-Cola people must not know most of those 3D visual effects could have been done in the creative, with no trouble-prone moving parts.

It’s not clear when the drawer-like slider sequencing stopped, but within a few months the board stopped doing that, and when I saw the display a few weeks ago, the screen was ironically showing 3D visuals IN the creative.

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