390 Little Mirrored Bricks Create Kinetic Display In NYC HQ Building Lobby

November 8, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This isn’t really digital signage, but the tech comes from a small Brooklyn creative hardware shop that works around the edges of the industry, using a modern take on flip disc displays.

Pulse is a two-story tall just fired up at the brand new global headquarters for Equinox in Hudson Yards in New York. Equinox is a luxury fitness brand – with properties like SoulCycle – that has branched into the hotel space.

The installation uses Breakfast’s newish Brixels tech, and features seven visualizations which respond in real-time as members enter any Equinox location around the world.

Pulse, says Breakfast, “shows the literal heartbeat of the company. The piece also features an Easter egg for the employees, where if you hold your arms up in front of the piece, you’re able to see your image cascade across the surface.”

Brixels are similar to the flip discs that Breakfast in 2017 at DSE. In this case, they are infinitely rotating, digitally controlled, mirrored and matte-black “bricks” that move together to create visualizations. The Equinox piece has 390 Brixels.

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