Premium Moviehouse In Oslo Kitted With 100 Displays

November 7, 2019 by Dave Haynes

A premium cinema in Oslo, Norway has built a lot of the movie-going experience around digital displays, with LED walls and about 100 Scala-driven Philips screens around the entrance lobby, hallways and concessions.

The Odeon Kino AS worked with Scala Nordic before the opening last year to get the project live. Scala players drive all content, on all Philips screens, and all the large LED walls and banners.  Players are both iBase 6 output units to run 6 unique screens each, and Scala’s own Mediaplayer-S units driving LEDs.

Traditional posters were replaced with screens, an upstairs bar uses digital screens for “mood enhancement” and the concession menus and promo material are all digital.

The screens in the foyer appear to be 98-inchers, which would have cost a few kroner.

The displays can also be used for custom content during corporate events and special movie premiere nights, and the cinema also sells media space to business partners. The screens are all running off Scala.

This is a PDF case study on the job, and this piece details the digital side of the cinema, but it is in Norwegian (I think).

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