30,000 Feet Of Programmable LEDs Drive New Guitar Hotel’s Media Facade

November 1, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is the LED lighting show on the newly opened Guitar Hotel at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino just outside of Miami.

The 34-story destination resort has nearly 30,000 linear feet of programmable LEDs that wrap the building and conform to the unique contoured exterior. The vertical guitar strings on the building extend into the night sky with rooftop light cannons that can be seen for miles.

Design Communications LTD (DCL) developed, engineered, managed, built, installed and lead the programming of the media facade, using SACO LED video lighting technology and Float4 for creative content, software & programming. The show controls are RealMotion media servers and ISAAC.

The light show runs in the evening, as you might expect.

The videos I have seen of the resort expansion, which just opened last week, suggests there is a pile of display tech around the property, including some seriously large direct view LED video walls. I can’t find many technical details online apart from the exterior light show.

One thing I did see online was a Linkedin post for a glasses-free 3D install in an elevator. This is tech that, as longtime readers know, I tend to find gimmicky and pointless. But I am happy to report that what I see in this brief video looks both interesting and effective.

Like most things in this business, it’s not about the tech. It’s about the content and what it does with that tech.

I doubt many consumers get excited about seeing a can of soup or soda SPINNING – OHMYGOD! – IN THIN AIR!!! But this sort of thing – squarely focused on the ethos of Hard Rock properties and positioned in a prominent, surprising way – appears to work well.

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