Puma Opens Screen-Filled Immersive Skill Cube In NYC Flagship Store

October 30, 2019 by Dave Haynes

A lot of athletic shoe flagship stores in NYC seem to build their signature customer experiences around hoops, which makes sense for many reasons, but Puma’s new flagship is focused instead on what the Brits call footy.

The Skill Cube immerses visitors in a room fitted 270° floor to ceiling with narrow bezel LCD screens, supplemented by graphic projections, motion sensing devices, sync’d lighting and surround sound.

The floor covering is a high-quality, multi-sport, synthetic turf, which enables footballers to try out the grip and responsive of playing shoes.

“Converging analogue and digital worlds, the Teamsport experience kicks off in a virtual PUMA locker room with footballers (Antoine) Griezmann or (Romelu) Lukaku where trialists are transported to a CGI replica of a capacity-filled, atmospheric San Siro Stadium. Reconstructed to a superior level of detail and adaptability, it features an impressive 5 million individual blades of grass, offers full flexibility and control over 152 lights, independent movement of all 80 thousand football fans in the crowd and updatable sponsorship boards, TV screens and pitch patterns.”

“Lukaku and Griezmann take visitors through a series of eye-to-eye trials, coaching them as their training buddies and sharing their tips and passion for the sport; they are then scored on their performance.”

At the end of the experience, the stadium comes alive with confetti canons, fireworks, and a cheering crowd.

Testers using the cube are scored on their performance. When done, the virtual stadium erupts with confetti canons, fireworks, and big cheers from the crowd.

There is also a fitness training experience that takes users to “The Gym” – a London-based warehouse that has F1 driver Lewis Hamilton taking people through a skills trial.

The experience was put together by the Birmingham, UK design firm Green Room.

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