1,312 Dining Positions Projection-Mapped For Amway Celebration Dinner

October 29, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip AV Magazine

The multi-level marketing company Amway celebrated 60 years in business with a massive dinner for 1,300 in Las Vegas, using projection-mapping at each diner’s seating position.

The private dinner at the Mandalay Bay was pulled together by event agency Wilson Dow, which contracted the projection mapping company Skullmapping, which has a background doing this sort of thing for dining, to create 1,312 audiovisual displays projected down to tables via some 224 Optoma projectors. The content came from BrightSign media players and the tech delivered by Illuminating Magic.

Skullmapping did the Petit Chef table mapping I’ve written about in past.

The project took more than two years to produce, from concept to execution, and involved many days of rehearsals with the hotel’s banquet team, reports AV magazine. “The Illuminating Magic team reported working 38 hours straight, using 6,903 feet of HDMI cable, 5,900 feet of power cable, 57k watts of power and 660,000 lumens of light. The total projection surface area was 1,283 feet.”

Not sure when this event was staged, but think it was sometime in May.

Impressive stuff.

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