PEI’s ScreenScape Releases Total Overhaul Of Long-Running CMS Platform

October 22, 2019 by Dave Haynes

ScreenScape Networks has released ScreenScape5, what it calls a wholesale reinvention of its cloud-based digital signage CMS solution.

V5 is a complete overhaul of the longtime platform, says ScreenScape CEO Mark Hemphill, representing customer feedback, more than two years of design and development work, and extensive beta testing.

“The project gave us a special opportunity to reflect on the past ten years in business and everything we’ve learned about what customers need and don’t need to be successful in digital signage,” says Hemphill. “Taking advantage of the latest in modern software development techniques, we took those lessons and applied them in the creation of a brand new platform — one that delivers additional business value that we think is unrivaled in the industry.”

Based in Prince Edward Island, in Canada’s Maritimes region, ScreenScape has been offering a SaaS CMS for at least a decade, aimed primarily at the SMB market.

V5 of its software, says the company, offers a new UX, new style choices and screen layouts, a more media templates, and faster, smoother animations.

“ScreenScape5 users can connect their accounts to Dropbox, Google Drive, Instagram, Facebook, and other data sources. Users can also incorporate stock assets from a ScreenScape-curated media library into their own media.”

ScreenScape5 also has:

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