Machine Hallucinating In NYC

October 19, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Experiential spaces seems to be an emerging new business, driven by lowered technology costs, easier tools and brilliant creative minds who are pushing the boundaries on digital creative.

While in New York this week I had a free hour to run over to Chelsea Market to visit the converted boiler room that is now called Artechouse, a digital/experiential gallery. The show on at the moment features the mind-blowing visualized data work of Turkish artist Refik Anodol.

He’s the guy whose work is on one of the big LED boards of a Salesforce lobby in San Francisco and along a vast LED wall on a concourse in Charlotte, NC’s expanded airport.

His projection mapping show is called Machine Hallucinations, and features (if I counted right) three extended sequences that are projected on the walls and floor of the space.

If you are in New York, its worth a visit.

Here is another pic, followed by a video …

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