In NYC This Week, And Time-Crunched

October 16, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I am in NYC and on the go to various industry events, hence the lack of posts.

I will write about my thoughts on all that once back at HQ, or maybe on the plane tomorrow, when heading from here to San Francisco for a couple of days.

Some quick hits for now:

The Digital Signage Federation Coffee and Controversy went VERY well Tuesday morning. I had the privilege of guiding the conversation on privacy with five super-smart speakers. Microsoft graciously provided a big room, and we could have had 3X as many people had we had more space.

Note to NYC people. We’d love to have a space for 200 or more, with seating and AV already in place. But we’re a volunteer non-profit, we need that donated or costs minimized.

The AV was recorded and I hope to get the sound levelled and use as a podcast sometime soon.

Openeye put on a fantastic mixer Tuesday built around an Oktoberfest theme: There was an oom-pah-pah band, German nibblies, branded foam hats and CEO Bryan Meszaros even wore lederhosen. Terrifying.

Doing another panel in a coupla hours at NEC’s annual NYC product showcase, so gotta run.

Pic from top of One World Trade. The elevator up is all LCD walls, showing a virtual outside. Pretty cool.

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