DSF’s Oct. 15th Coffee & Controversy Focused On Privacy And Proof

October 2, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The always popular – even with me involved – Coffee and Controversy event put on by the Digital Signage Federation is coming up fast. It’s less than two weeks from today in New York.

This year’s morning event will be Oct. 15th at Microsoft’s Training Facility at 11 Times Square, and the subject is Privacy and Proof.

Like last year, I am the moderator. Despite that, if you are in NYC the event is still worth attending. Here’s why: we’re going to talk about the interdependencies – and potential privacy implications – at play regarding audience measurement and monetization strategies within ad and marketing-driven digital signage and DOOH networks.

We’ve got a great set of panelists to talk about this:

THAT is a really, really strong panel, and I’m thinking all I might have to do is say Hi to the crowd, ask one question, and then let the conversation go.

“We’re at a critical juncture with digital signage and DOOH, as emerging tools and techniques have given us great power regarding how we measure and monetize the medium,” says Spencer Graham, DSF’s current Chairman of the Board. “We all know that proving traffic, exposure, engagement and resulting ROI increases the value of digital signage…and it also increases advertiser interest and participation. However, as we move towards better tracking and targeting, the murky privacy laws and implications are imperative to explore and responsibly navigate.”

Privacy is a really hot topic, and the rules around using audience measure and tracking tech can vary significantly by state and country. Along with talking about the merits of applying this tech and the controversy surrounding what’s being tracked, we’ll get into where things are going.

The event will take place from 8 to 11 AM, starting with breakfast and registration. The panel discussion will start at 9. Those interested can sign up at www.digitalsignagefederation.org and I will warn you seats are limited and this thing sells out fast. There’s a small fee, but it’s peanuts – enough to cover costs for brekkie, etc.

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