Dutch LED Firm Marketing Drop Ceiling Decor Bundle

September 26, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The Dutch LED display company LedGo has tried to differentiate itself from the vast horde of companies selling visual display solutions by focusing on non-traditional stuff like LED floors and ceilings.

They pushed out an email this morning that caught my eye for a couple of reasons:

1 – Prices are coming way down on this stuff;

2 – They packaged a solution all the way down to the media player and content.

LedGo is marketing a demo drop ceiling solution that has a 3 by 3 ceiling tile shaped array using 6mm pitch modules (plus a spare), and comes with a controller box, BrightSign player and ambient content – for about $6,300 USD.

That’s still a good chunk of change for a company, but not really when it comes to interior design decisions. I’ve seen this company at ISE the last few years and liked that they were developing product that could simply retrofit existing commercial space drop ceiling tile grids.

The idea of using LED to create virtual, changeable ceilings is not new, but in most cases it would be a complicated, big money undertaking, This somewhat democratizes that, though certainly not every space uses drop ceilings.

The tiles, by the way, are touted as light enough to go in place without any structural changes.

This would be much more a design decision than something marketers or business communicators would cook up and use. You could, in theory, use ceiling displays for promotions and messaging, but it makes more sense as a tool to open up a space and add some visual interest.

Clever stuff.

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