Chinese LED Maker Attaches Transparent LED To Sliding Glass Shop Doors

September 23, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I’ve seen projection on sliding glass doors, but this transparent mesh LED that’s attached in some way to a pair of glass sliders that serve as an entry to a shop, or something, in China.

A sensor triggers the doors to open and content to change as someone approaches and passes through.

This is from a Shenzhen LED company called OColour. It’s interesting because transparent LED mesh, at least from this company, appears to be thin and light enough to use in this way. Most of what I have seen lately with transparent LED looks really good from the viewing side, but bad from the inside because of the metal mesh grids that hold the LEDs and their wiring on the rear.

I like this more, certainly, than projecting on glass doors, simply because there’s no blinding projector light pointed at the arriving shoppers/visitors, and this will visually pop regardless of lighting conditions.

I suspect there are some mechanical challenges associated with the added weight on the sliders and the strain on electronics and cabling that are pretty steadily moving and stopping.

This was spotted on Linkedin …

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