LG’s Garry Wicka On The Merits And Prospects For OLED In Digital Signage

September 18, 2019 by Dave Haynes

LG has gone very big on OLED displays in recent years – making the super-thin, flexible and generally gorgeous displays the centerpiece of the company’s marketing efforts at trade shows.

They bend, they curve, they hang like wallpaper and for some of them, they’re see-through.

I had a chance to grab a very busy Garry Wicka, the VP of Marketing for LG’s US business, to chat about where OLED is at, and how it is being used. We also get into some of the perceived technical issues with the organic displays.

Wicka also walked me through what LG is doing with direct view LED, microLED (which is still an R&D thing for the company), transparent LED film and smart displays.

We also talk about where the company is seeing strength right now in the marketplace.

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