LG Packages Up A 1.5mm LED As A Single Monster Screen

In the last year or so I have seen numerous smaller direct-view LED manufacturers package up their products in specifically defined sizes, and now the big guys like LG are doing the same.

The Korean electronics giant has announced the LAA015F display – a 130-inch diagonal 1.5mm pitch all-in-one screen seemingly aimed at the corporate market. It is packaged up with a frame and all the bits needed to take out of the box and plug in (though I suspect there’s more to it than that).

One interesting wrinkle with the LAA015F (the display guys are the worst product namers on the planet) is that the audio is built-in, with 36 speakers in behind the tiled LED modules.

I am assuming this trend towards fully packaged displays is happening for a few reasons:

  • A finished unit and defined dimensions is much easier for non-technical buyers to get their heads around:
  • The same goes for AV-IT integrators who are otherwise unfamiliar/inexperienced in the modular design and set-up of LED cabinets;
  • While LED has the flexibility to fill a wall whether it is 16:9 shaped or not, a 130-inch screen is easy for room designers to scheme in, without trying to work out how many cabinets, how many pixels and so on.

Samsung has kinda sorta done this, as well, with its premium LED product, The Wall, with versions as big as 292 inches diagonal.

I have also seen several manufacturers – some familiar, some not – showing versions of these super-large TVs.

While there MAY be a market for high net worth people buying these things for their home theaters, I’m guessing the main market is corporate. In the case of this LG, 1.5mm is a tight enough pitch to use in boardrooms as a replacement for projection. If viewers are 10-15 feet back from the screen, the visuals will be tight.

I don’t really see this as a mainstream digital signage product, as one of the best things about LED is the ability to fill a designed space (like a feature wall) with visuals. With this, you’re hanging an (albeit huge) display that covers part of that wall.