Clever AR-To-Digital Signage Mash-Up Lets Fans Pose With NFL Pros

September 10, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I was asked recently, for a podcast, where I thought augmented reality fit with digital signage, and I suggested it might often be a better fit to see AR through a big screen, rather than the little ones in our hands, stuck in front of our faces.

Here’s a fantastic example of that, introduced at the stadium that’s home to the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys.

Called Pose With The Pros, a big interactive screen on a stadium concourse invites fans to walk up, select as many as five Cowboy players, and then step back and talk a virtual group photo with them.

This video, via Twitter, shows how it works:

The AR application overlays the players around the individual or small group that steps back to take the photo, and the output is something they can share out to social channels or send to friends and family.

Very, very clever.

  1. Very clever activation indeed. We have been experimenting with AR the other way around, that is starting from a kiosk and present a tracker image that triggers a mobile AR experience. The demo was about real estate and we used Intuiface and Torch AR app.

  2. Andrew Mantle says:

    Who created Pose with the Pro’s

  3. Christo says:

    How do you find out about the creator/distribution

  4. I am also dying to know who made it. Can you find out?! thanks

  5. Lysa Kosmas says:

    I am interested as well! would love to be a distributor!

  6. Matthias says:

    I don’t know who developed this case, but I know a company that is specialised in this kind of AR-solutions –

  7. Sean says:

    Would love to know where I can get the same thing. Somebody has to know. Lots of stories on it but no info on the developer.

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