All Fine Here After Dorian Blew Through

September 10, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I’ve had all kinds of nice notes from people asking how World HQ fared after Hurricane Dorian blew through Nova Scotia on Saturday.

We’re fine. Place is fine. But thanks to all for the concern. I would have posted yesterday, but that seemed self-indulgent, Still does, but people are still sending me notes, asking if all is fine.

We’re pretty much surrounded by forest but all that came down were twigs and dead branches, as far as we can tell. Power was out for 28 hours, and I learned from that the idea of reading by candlelight is flawed and that a generator is now in my near-term plans. When you are on a well, no power means no water.

Parts of Halifax and the general Maritimes region got whacked pretty hard with downed old growth trees and washed up boats, but anybody who lived through Dorian down in the Bahamas would wish they just had the problems seen here. For Bahamas relief, donate here (Canada) or here for US.

If you don’t know where Nova Scotia is (that’s OK, it’s a small province by Canadian standards), it is where the hurricane path map above finally runs across land. My place is on the left middle part of that red band. At one point it was rated as a Cat 2 but made landfall about 20 minutes down the road as an extra tropical storm that had Category 2 winds.

That’s more than enough about me …

  1. Hao Le says:

    Good to know that you are safe Dave!
    In case you miss Dorian, here are some satellite animations for your memory:

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