Spokane’s Airport Hangs An LED Chandelier

This is an LED chandelier in the rotunda of one of the main post-security concourses at Spokane International Airport in eastern Washington state.

It’s part of modernization work at the airport, and includes a big welcome LED wall and tiled LCDs at airline counters.

The skinny LEDs are from NanoLumens.

3 thoughts on “Spokane’s Airport Hangs An LED Chandelier”

  1. Stunning example of effective digital-meets-art in a commercial environment – we [creative realities] thank our Nanolumens partner for their continued trust in our installation / servicing. Congrats to the team on this wow piece.

  2. 113 LG 55” monitors in portrait mode make up 7 behind counter video walls. (First install of .44 mm bezels in NA). Beautiful footage of local venues serves as stunning backdrop for airline logos.

    See photo via email.

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