BrightSign’s Jeff Hastings On How His Little Purple Boxes Have Become Their Own Hardware Category

September 4, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I’ve done a podcast interview with Jeff Hastings in the past, but there’s a lot going on with BrightSign and it was time for a catch-up with the CEO.

BrightSign will ship about 300,000 little purple digital signage players this year, at a clip of something like 1,200 units a day. The players have become their own hardware category – as in, “Are you planning to use PCs, smart displays or BrightSign boxes?”

In our chat, we talk about why BrightSign devices have so much traction in the marketplace, and why so many software and solutions companies are signing on now as integrated partners.

We get into the thinking behind a service called BSN Cloud that is now coming out of beta testing and into wider release.

And we talk broadly about what CIOs and IT managers need to think about when they start looking at large, scaled digital signage networks. The IT guys I used to refer to as the Dr. No crowd are now very much on board with using special purpose devices that just work, and don’t bring the headaches of full PCs and their operating systems.

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  1. A great Podcast Dave, thank you for the interview with Jeff, we have just received the Brightsign API for our Digital Platform Integration. Looking forward to the beta version to be released. This Podcast just solidified that moving forward with Brightsign was a good thing.

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