I Haven’t The Foggiest Idea If This Eye Candy-Filled Airport Activation Works

August 25, 2019 by Dave Haynes

JCDecaux’s Polish operating unit really went to town on the digital eye candy with this pop-up relaxation zone thingie on a concourse at Warsaw’s airport.

There is one of those fog screen things, functioning as a projection surface and using sensors to make it interactive.

There is also one of those units you look into to get a hologram-ish look at a proposed real estate development and investment opportunity.

I guess foot traffic will tell the tale, but my gut tells me a place where millennials crash on bean bags and the curious play with a fog screen might have limited sales impact. Boring, jaded old me would be more interested in a straight-forward set-up with a normal touchscreen and crisp visuals, as opposed to fog.

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