AdMobilize Gets Patent Grant For Analytics-Triggered Signage Content

August 9, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Miami-based computer vision company AdMobilize has been granted a US patent for a “method and system for dynamically adjusting displayed content based on analysis of viewer attributes.”

That dynamic content is based around the use of anonymous video analytics – the core business of AdMobilize.

Rodolfo Saccoman, the five-year-old company’s CEO and co-founder, says the digital out of home media business is “undergoing a technological renaissance marking the transition from analog static assets to fully intelligent digital screens. The underpinnings of this transformation are ultimately the brands requesting systems for DOOH that parallel the platforms available to them for mobile and internet advertising. The ability to utilize real-time granular data to customize and adapt campaigns, to measure aggregated and anonymized viewership insights, to deliver campaigns that are both contextually relevant and timely, and to show campaign attribution, is swiftly becoming the expected normal for the OOH industry at large.”

Adds Saccoman: “This issued patent (valid until 2037) is particularly important to our
clients, partners, and the end-users, who ultimately entrust us in always providing them with
cutting-edge solutions, which are also protected and paired by intellectual property.”

It’s an interesting development, as these AI-driven software companies marketing video analytics have often touted being able to tailor ads in real-time to the attributes of the viewers in front of the screen at that moment. If competitors want to do that now, Saccoman suggests, they’ll need to either license the capability from AdMobilize, or maybe hear from lawyers.

“There are very few players in the space attempting to have real-time ad trigger technology, of which one company has already contacted us to license our IP,” says Saccoman. “For those that have not, we are determining next steps. Our goal is to continue elevating the overall industry, positively towards its full growth and revenue potential.”

In other words, we’d rather spend money on R&D than patent attorneys.

AdMobilize says its dynamic ad trigger solution is readily available for any new or current customer looking to utilize anonymous audience data to trigger ads programmatically based on age, gender, demographics, emotion, attention, and a range of other user attributes.

The whole ads triggered based on attributes thing is interesting, and has been around in a few forms for many years. But it hasn’t really taken off. It may be better suited to retail and brand marketing than the shotgun approach of digital OOH, which is mainly about one-to-many marketing, to crowds that are generally on the go.

How you trigger an ad in real time to hit one demographic attribute – when many people are passing by and briefly looking at a screen – is a challenge, and I am not sure that many media planners are interested in that level of complexity in targeting and scheduling.

Brands and their media planners will ultimately decide if this is a real thing, or mostly a cool concept for advertising. One-to-one screens, however, is a different story. You can get to near-personalization, or at least relevance, without invading privacy.

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