YCD Multimedia Adds BrightSign Player Support

August 6, 2019 by Dave Haynes

 YCD Multimedia is the latest CMS software company to put the resources into getting a version of its software player running on BrightSign’s little purple media players.

“With this new capability,” the company says in PR, “using  YCD RAMP digital signage management system any retail customer will now be able to play and control its content on any screen powered by a BrightSign Series 4 XD or XT player. From now on managing BrightSign devices will be possible in the range of few devices to a network of tens of thousands of devices, including BrightSign synchronization features.

I’ve kind of thought of YCD being a Windows operation, particularly given how its video wall software is used to great effect in Microsoft retail stores. But YCD added Android capability years ago.

A pile of companies have integrated with BrightSign in the latest couple of years – as the company has nicely positioned itself as a primary option, like Windows, Android, SoC or BrightSign.

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