NEC Adds Super-Skinny Bezel Video Wall 55s

August 6, 2019 by Dave Haynes

NEC is the latest LCD manufacturer to release a super/extreme/OMG narrow bezel video wall product, on the heels of recent announcements by LG and Planar/Leyard.

The company has announced a pair of 55s – which seems to be the default size for video walls – that are either 500 or 700 nits. Either has what NEC calls an even bezel of 0.44mm. Using my advanced mathematical skills, that would in theory mean two screens butted up to each other in a video wall array would have a combined bezel of 0.88mm.

That puts the product in line with the recently-announced Planars and LGs (the Planars may have started life as LGs), which tout video wall bezels that are a combined 0.88mm.

For the metric-challenged – those two edges butted together result in a seam that is less than the width/thickness of a dime coin.

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