Quebec’s Lottery Corp Rolling Out Menuboard-Style Screens In Walmart Kiosks

July 22, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Loto-Quebec was an early adopter for digital signage, putting screens in retail sites well more than a decade ago.

Much of what the lotteries concern does is a basic set-up in convenience stores, but like other lottery companies they try to create a larger, special purpose presence in shopping malls and heavy foot traffic retail locations like Walmarts.

This is a rendition of a new kiosk set-up Loto-Quebec is putting – using a solution from Montreal’s iGotcha Media, running on BrightSign boxes and driving Samsung QLED screens.

The kiosk is now running at several Quebec Walmarts, following on versions done in shopping malls and at the lottery company’s Montreal head office. Ultimately, there will be more than 50 of these (the image is for the one in the head office).

The kiosk design varies depending on the retail location, with some placed behind cash registers and others located in Walmart’s main aisle.

The screens have a menuboard-style layout and promote various games and jackpot totals, updated as they grow.

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