Faux Fireworks On Digital Canvases Complement Real Kabooms On July 4th

July 15, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I’d way rather see the real thing, like here, but putting digital fireworks on giant canvases like projection and LED is still an interesting way to celebrate a national holiday.

The LA-based design studio StandardVision has produced and published a pair of videos from earlier this month that show July 4th efforts in Los Angeles and Chicago.

The LA one was a digital fireworks show on the Wilshire Grand skyscraper. “Visible for miles around the city, the spectacular five-minute LED show began at 9pm and played at the top of every hour through midnight.”

For the vast projection-mapped canvas of the Merchandise Mart building in Chicago, the company did an animated fireworks inspired extravaganza made of elegantly exploding red, white and blue ribbons.

  1. NEIL CHATWOOD says:

    Art on TheMart is a long running setup that starts every night in Chicago about 15 mins after sunset. Viewers can also goto the website for synced audio that goes with the visual show. It’s awesome!

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