The Best Digital Signage Mixer You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Telecine has been doing digital signage content and technology solutions for corporate clients forever – operating out of one of the 1,000s of beautiful old stone buildings that litter the older stretches of Montreal.

Founder James Fine has the company offices on two floors, as well as the basement, a residence on the top floor, and a rooftop patio where every summer he has a party for clients, prospects and industry friends. That rooftop has room for a pile of people and a view of the islands on the nearby St. Lawrence River.

Montreal is home to what is, I think, the biggest fireworks festival on the planet, and Fine times his party so it happens on one of the nights when there will be 30 minutes of music-backed KA-BOOM.

I’ve been invited for a few years, but never been able to work out being in Montreal at the right time. This weekend I was. Holy crap!

The 16:9 Mixer at DSE is always a big draw, and the Peerless AV party at a Vegas club is always a huge draw (and insane). But a gathering where you can pour some nice wine, serve up some nice food, and then tell people to look over there for the start of, I dunno, $1 million worth of horizon-filling fireworks, is pretty damn effective relationship building.

Thanks for inviting me!

And if you could just move that Quebec government building a little more to the right for next time …

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
Dave Haynes is the founder and editor of Sixteen:Nine, an online publication that has followed the digital signage industry for more than 12 years. Dave does strategic advisory consulting work for many end-users and vendors, and also writes for many of them. He's based near Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Dave Haynes


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Dave Haynes

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Thanks for your kind words and all the other wonderful things you do, and have done, for the industry.

    So glad you and Joy could finally make it. It was a real treat to see have you here.


    James and the Telecine team

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