Allsee Debuts Crazy-Thin Double-Sided Window Screens

July 8, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Double-sided LCD displays are definitely not new, nor are super-skinny ones, but the UK display company Allsee Technologies has launched a version that takes a cue from a big competitor, Samsung.

The company’s new “Hanging Double-Sided Window Displays” have two different levels of brightness for the screens facing outside and into a business. The outside facing display has a brightness of 700 nits while  the inward facing display has a brightness of 450 nits.

Available in 43” and 55” models, the screens are just 23 mm thick, which for you metric-challenged people is just less than one inch.

The key touted attributes are:

I like the notion of these things and the practical side of having two brightness levels for two different lighting scenarios. Samsung, as mentioned, markets a version of this, the big difference being brightness. The window-facing side of the Samsung units is 3000 nits, while the in-store side features 1000 nits.

That will likely mean the Samsung’s are waaay more expensive, but while 700 nits is indeed bright, it will struggle to be viewed in direct sunlight. The general rule of thumb for screens used in direct sunlight is 2,500 nits or more. The Samsung one, by comparison, is a tanning booth that will win a fight with direct 2 PM sun hitting a shop window.

In a shop window in an enclosed mall or along a street that doesn’t get full-on sun, 700 may do. Not convinced about full sunlight, however.

The side profile of the Allsee units is a little mind-wobbling for someone who’s been around long enough to remember back to back displays being two bulky screens hanging off one ceiling pole, and probably being 12 inches in width from the side, if not more.

  1. Marty Durksen says:

    Why do companies constantly show animations or photoshopped pics? Why don’t they show a screen that was actually installed?

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