Ambitious New LA Skateboard Shop Uses Curved LED Wall To Drive Retail Experience

Readers will be shocked to read that I don’t know a lot about skateboards or skateboard retailing. Shameful, but true.

I did not know, for example, that they can look like over-priced kitchenware stores, or a forgotten part of the Caesars Palace resort in Vegas.

This the new LA location of Palace Skateboards, self-described as one of the world’s newest skateboard and apparel companies. Along with Romanesque lines to the store design, there’s a 13.5-foot-tall by 7-foot-wide, 2.5mm pixel pitch curved NanoLumens LED display wall. right below a projection mapped dome ceiling.

“The architect for Skateboard Palace’s new Los Angeles location tasked us with designing an all-encompassing visual experience that would blow customers away,” says Albertico Acosta of Tico Sighting, the content firm that designed and installed the audiovisual infrastructure. “The round room’s domed ceiling was ideal for the projection mapping we are known for, but the curved wall required a single-piece solution, since we couldn’t have shoppers walking in front of a projector. We hadn’t worked with LED displays before, but as a Stampede reseller, we were familiar with the NanoLumens products they carry and quickly realized a NanoLumens true-curve LED videowall was the ideal solution.”

For the store’s grand opening in April, the LED wall content included announcements, product displays and skateboarding videos. The projection mapping system presented Tico Sighting content that turned the Pantheon-like ceiling into a variety of creative environments including a Tron-like piece with neon highlights, a skateboarding piece, and a realistic illusion of the sun shining through a virtual skylight, mimicking the original Pantheon ceiling in Rome.

The store has a server-based content management system and a storewide audio system using 12 Sonos speakers.

Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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