SiliconCore Joins Ranks Of LED Displaycos With Ruggedized Surfaces

June 11, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The high-end fine-pitch LED manufacturer SiliconCore is the latest firm to announce a product that adds a coating to protect fragile LED chips.

The company’s InfoComm presence will include displays that use its LISA technology – “a proprietary surface protection layer that guard the LEDs from contact (or impact) damage, without compromising the brightness or image fidelity.”

LISA, the company says, can also be applied to any of its sub 2mm pixel pitch products. One of the demos will be for a 220”  4K 1.2mm pixel pitch display. LISA is described as “a specially formulated technique of encapsulation to successfully introduce a new wave in durability to fine pixel pitch displays.”

This matters because the teeny diodes are easily damaged by people brushing by them, and in great peril from things like roller luggage and shopping carts. The diodes are relatively cheap but repairs are very finicky, time-consuming and costly. Most manufacturers will, over time, go down this hardened surface path, or use new manufacturing techniques to make the displays more durable without adding a coating.

I have heard this process broadly referred to as Glue On Board – though different companies have their own ways of doing it.

The company is at booth 1624 at the show, which is on now but the trade show portion starts tomorrow in Orlando..

  1. Adding a thick layer for the security of a screen may hamper the quality of the display. Though the little contact won’t break the small pixels but it will affect that extra layer.

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