LG Formally Launches Transparent OLED For US Market

June 11, 2019 by Dave Haynes

It appears LG’s next big thing to be showcased at InfoComm this week will be quite familiar to much of that show’s pro AV crowd.

Transparent OLED has been around for several years, and definitely demo’d at trade show booths, but LG Business Solutions says it is officially launching its commercial, 55-inch digital signage display for the US market this week.

“Just think about the possibilities in hospitality, retail and other environments where business owners are looking to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience,” says Garry Wicka, U.S. VP Marketing for LG. “We’re combining the uniqueness of a see-through display with the unrivaled form factor and picture quality of LG OLED technology.”

LG’s booth will have a 2 x 3 landscape mode video wall, as well as stacked portrait mode demos in its booth.

The booth will also have an OLED waterfalls, drafting off the stunning one it put in place at ISE back in early February.

LG’s launch is on the immediate heels of Planar launching its transparent OLED display. It is very likely a Planar-ized version of the LG OLED.

No price on either of these, but $$,$$$, probably. The first generation of transparent 55s were $15,000.


  1. Origin says:

    Transparent OLEDs were there from several years, but it was needed for a brand like Samsung to launch it officially for commercial uses.

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