Orlando-Bound: InfoComm 2019’s Halls Opens Wednesday, And 16:9 Is There

June 10, 2019 by Dave Haynes

It is InfoComm week, and this year the show is in Orlando once again, as it is every second year.

The weather forecast says high 80s, high humidity and thunderstorms – so if you venture outdoors you are going to be soaked either by perspiration or passing storms. Always fun!

I am heading down first thing Tuesday, and was happy – as I am sure many repeat visitors will be – to learn that since the last InfoComm in Orlando, the airport has started allowing ride-share pick-ups. That means you can ride to your hotel or AirBnB in, probably, a nicer car than the old beater cars and high occupancy vans that would be  assigned to people at the designated taxi zone. And you will very likely pay less than what the taxi company that seems to have the airport concession charges.

I am being carpet-bombed by PR people urging me to come by their clients’ exhibits to see their shiniest pots and pans. With NRF, ISE, ShopTalk, DSE and SID Display Week already under my belt, there’s not going to be a lot I’ve not already seen and noted in 2019. But this will be the first time I see stuff from certain companies, and the big guys will have updates from what was shown at ISE.

LG is hinting they have something new coming out – which would almost certainly be OLED or transparent film LED.

I expect to see many more examples of fine pitch direct view LED product that is, in some ways, hardened and therefore impact-resistant and water-resistant. There were a few vendors last year – usually smaller ones – but now the big guys like Leyard have their versions.

I also expect to see a ton of companies marketing outdoor displays – both high-brightness LCD for drive-thrus, DOOH and smart cities, and direct view LED done as finished street furniture and digital posters. The latter has been around a while, but most of the versions I have seen in the past either had pixel pitches that weren’t fine enough, or ran scarily hot to the touch (meaning they would not last). That’s changed, and the stuff I’ve seen lately seems to be run cool and the pitches are better – though they’d not be very good for high rez visuals or text.

I will be on my ongoing quest to see applications and tech that add interactivity in useful and interesting ways … including, maybe, voice.

The trade show hall open Wednesday and stays open through Friday. I am in the halls Wednesday and Thursday – and have a few tours and meetings booked. Mostly, though, I’ll be wandering.

If you are going, safe travels. Bring an umbrella.


  1. Michael says:

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