Two Examples Of Low Rez LED Displays That Are More Mood Than Message

June 7, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a couple of examples of low-resolution LED display applications that use blend with fabric or film to create soft, diffused visuals that are meant as motion backdrops or accents.

The first is a fixture by the NYC printing company Duggal, which has a digital wing and created an interesting spin-out product called .

The display podium for Ralph Lauren has a front made with Lumipixels, which is a 6.5mm pixel pitch LED lighting backdrop with a diffusion film.

Says Duggal:

“The display brings a burst of light, color and motion through a combination of custom animation, dye-sublimation printing and digital signage. The fixture was fabricated in Duggal’s Brooklyn Navy Yard headquarters, also home to the Duggal InnoLab.”

There’s a brief video here … 

The video below is from a trade show booth for the German firm LightnTec. The company has a process for putting and providing power LEDs on super-thin and flexible foil and film.

You can see from the video some things work better than other, and the moment you start doing things like text, logos and specific objects, you notice how soft it is, because this is definitely not fine pitch LED.

But for certain things, as a backdrop, it has a nice feel to it. I know the company is marketing this not only for walls, but also for ambient overhead lighting applications. So this could be the ceiling of a lobby.

Here’s a post from Linkedin showing an interesting application of it for merchandising and branding in retail.

I like sorts of things, in the appropriate setting and scenario, because they create visual interest without exploding a budget. Direct view LED is faaaar less costly than it was 4-5 years ago, but it is still costly.

It is not going to work for applications that need to specifically communicate something, like a statement or price. But to set a mood or draw the eye …


  1. I saw Duggal’s work earlier also. They mostly focus on how to do the job better being in a budget. They give reasons to customers to shop from them who can’t/don’t want to invest much in this solution.

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