Deloitte’s IoT Dashboard Video Wall Logs What’s Happening In Toronto Offices

June 6, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Following up on that post about seeing a big BMO LED wall while on a layover, I also popped by the lobby of consulting giant Deloitte’s main Toronto office to see a video wall in its reception area that a friend said was interesting.

The wall on the mezzanine level, where visitors check in, shows real-time graphics on things like availability of desks. This matters, I assume, because Deloitte has a fluid workforce that is in and out of its own offices, and hopefully spending more time generating billable hours at client sites. So when you come in to the office, you grab an open workspace.

The screen also has fun, largely useless visualization of coffee consumption in the building, based on sensors or something else that spits out data. I am not convinced this was working, as the read-out I saw suggested few people drink Deloitte’s coffee.

The screen was apparently the output from a hack-a-thon.

Deloitte also has a big video wall in its fancy Montreal space.

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