Mall Campaign Uses Video, Mobile Analytics To Optimize Messages, Boost Foot Traffic To Stores

June 5, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is an effective video from Cineplex Digital Media that shows how using video and mobile analytics, as well as machine learning tech, helped increase foot traffic into the outlets of a couple of beauty brands operating at Toronto’s big, busy and ritzy Yorkdale mall.

The video explains it all, but briefly, a two-week test campaign OK’d by the mall owners used creative on designated digital posters around the mall to send people (hopefully) into Kiehl’s and NYX stores. It worked, particularly for the makeup brand NYX, which saw a 5.5% foot traffic bump – something I assume translated to meaningful sales revenue increases.

Producing videos is resource-intensive and not normally cheap, but done the right way, they can be very helpful in showing what was done, why and what happened because of it.

It would be great to see more of this, as opposed to the endless stream of white papers and case studies that mostly TELL a story, but don’t show it. I have written my share of these kinds of docs, and they have a role … but this is a video-based medium. I am steadily boggled by how many PR people and company marketers send me story pitches and material about highly-visual projects, and don’t even include visuals (or have them!).

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