Broadsign CEO Burr Smith Provides Thinking And Back-Story Behind Recent M&A Moves

June 5, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I’m kinda breaking my own podcast rule here by interviewing someone for a second time, but Burr Smith has been a busy guy lately – buying companies and fighting patent trolls.

I spoke with the CEO and owner of Broadsign a couple of years ago, but it was more than time for an update chat given recent events.

Broadsign recently acquired Ayuda Media Systems, which at least some in the industry would see as a competitor. Then it bought another company in Montreal, called Campsite, that’s a programmatic ad exchange.

This happened in the wake of a long, expensive but ultimately successful legal battle with a Swedish company that would generally be referred to as a patent troll. While most companies took the path of least resistance and paid “go away” money, Smith fought.

In this podcast, we get into the back-story of the recent acquisitions, and then have a chat about Smith going toe to toe with T-Rex.

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