STRATACACHE Buildings Narrowly Escape Twisters In Dayton, Ohio

May 28, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Screen grab – CNN

BIG tornadoes – one possibly an EF-4 or even 5 – tore past Dayton, Ohio last night – making for a long night for STRATACACHE CEO and his ops team.

The digital signage solutions company has several buildings in the area, and when I saw a tornado report that mentioned Trotwood, Ohio, I remembered that is the suburb where STRATACACHE has a huge building dedicated (mainly) to assembling drive-thru displays.

So I sent a note to Riegel asking if all was well. “It was a big one,” says Riegel. “We missed a direct hit by the skin our teeth.”

The twister missed one building by about half a mile and the other by maybe 500 yards. Power is out, so facilities like a data center on running on back-up generators that were already in place.

Riegel says the parking lot of one building has a refrigeration unit sitting on it now, and it is not his company’s equipment.

The twister comes just a couple of days after a KKK rally in downtown Dayton that had all of nine idiot white supremacists, from out of town, and hundreds of counter-protestors. The rally was right across the street from the office tower Riegel acquired, so he had to have contingencies in place for that, in case it went Charlottesville on him. It didn’t.

“It’s been an interesting few days,” he says, who has been up all night and is driving around checking the state of various buildings.



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