This UK Digital OOH Campaign Only Fires Up When The Situation Gets Sneezy

May 23, 2019 by Dave Haynes

There’s no real revelation in content being updated or triggered based on open source data, but a new DOOH campaign goes the next step with a campaign for Piri allergy relief products that only goes live when pollen counts pass a certain threshold.

The campaign is fully programmatic, from planning through to purchase of out-of-home inventory,  and uses specific event-based triggers such as MET Pollen Data, location criteria and spending parameters to determine which ads will appear when and where.

The campaign for pharma brand GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), devised by Publicis Media’s PlatformGSK, was planned and activated by out-of-home and location marketing specialist Posterscope using its proprietary global data management platform ECOS.

Pollen data by region is pulled in automatically from the MET office. When it reaches the defined “high” or “very high” trigger levels in any given region, the ECOS platform automatically requests availability across a portfolio of sites. Media buys happen only when spend criteria is met, and then the system automatically serves the relevant ads at the optimal time.

The campaign is nationwide, on rail and roadside six-sheet digital posters until the end of August.

“Innovation is a key value for GSK, so we asked PlatformGSK to find a way to represent this in our out of home execution,” says James Carpenter, brand manager at GSK, in a press release. “We weren’t disappointed.  This flexible and fully automated approach will provide a guaranteed out of home presence for our Piri product range throughout the summer, but specifically in the moments when pollen levels reach their highest and customers are looking for hay fever relief.”

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