This Crazy LED Chandelier Was Installed In A Chinese Lux Hotel

May 22, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is in a hotel – repeat, a hotel – in Foshan, China, about 90 minutes up a freeway from Shenzhen.

It is an LED chandelier thingie (technical term) made up of five 4mm pixel pitch flexible LEDs, There are also 12 suspended LED columns. The thing can travel up and down more than 30 feet.

It appears to be in a ballroom/event space, as opposed to the lobby, so presumably when money-is-no-concern weddings, banquets or corporate events are on, this is fired up and the content keyed to the event.

The manufacturer is Yaham.

  1. I wonder what kind of interface you need to code to manage the electrical motors that move that screen… meaning, each piece of content launches a different “movement” of the LED panels… So, triggering would be a must, as well as knowing that for each content the movement trigger is working, also check that the com port is not locked… uff… that would be expensive to manage as well…

  2. Steve Molaf says:

    Depending on the LED System that was chosen. Having been in the lighting and special Effects industry for 45 years and working with LEDs since 1983, we have developed a number of programs that handle the design requirements, with simple and effective commands that even be ajusted with your cell phone. So all the complications that you referred to are “0” problems

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