Expanded UNIQLO Store Takes Big Steps With LED

May 22, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The expanded UNIQLO store at Toronto Eaton Centre – a huge indoor mall in the city’s central business district – has a staircase that’s now lined with LED risers.

The stairs were custom-made by Ottawa’s UTG Digital Media for the expansion. They are 27 feet wide and have 13 shock-absorbent steps, all of which can display text, images, videos or a combination of mediums.

The stairs provide real-time programming and deliver visual content simultaneously. The design, says UTG, involved inserting custom LED cabinets inside the front panel of each step, and then installing custom-fit LED modules.

The risers have transparent plexiglass to protect the LED chips.

The LED signage job was commissioned by Axxys Construction. 

The store also has a more conventional 6mm pitch LED ticker from UTG that runs for some 194 feet, wrapping the inside and outside corners of the expanded store space.

I’ve only seen LED risers a few times in install jobs. Done well, with the right content, it’s an interesting way to add digital to a space. There’s a hell of a lot, visually, going on in a Uniqlo store, so the creative would really have to work at cutting through and getting noticed.

  1. Mark says:

    That’s fantastic! Is this the Eaton Centre Mall in Toronto?

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