Ferrari Dealer Switches Out Paper Showroom Fact Sheets For E-Paper Tags

May 21, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The guys at Freshwater Digital have built up knowledge and experience working with e-paper signs – or what they call digital tags – and introduced them into interesting use cases.

I know the Grand Rapids, MI solution provider has a research client using them at stations to automatically update findings and status.

Now, in a wildly different application, Freshwater is working with a Ferrari dealer to show vehicle information on the windshields of the dream cars. Not sure where this is, or how many tags/dealers involved.

Jon Dodge of Freshwater tells me: “These are being deployed at 4 dealerships initially in Florida, New York and New Jersey, with plans for additional dealerships within the year. We currently have 160 deployed.”

The displays automatically pull the latest information from the dealership’s website, eliminating  outdated paper signs in car windows. The tags run on batteries and are fully wireless – meaning no cables running across showroom floors. 

Freshwater is using tags from the French firm SES-Imagotag.

Freshwater CEO Matt Downey related his company’s move into e-paper in a podcast last year.

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