OLED Is A Thing, And Other Thoughts From SID Display Week

May 15, 2019 by Dave Haynes

I pulled the ripcord this afternoon after 2.5+ days at Display Week. My brain hurt, and the symposium sessions in the afternoon looked terrifyingly technical.

It does not help that English is not the first language of many/most of the technical presenters – so you get a Japanese guy, an engineer or researcher, doing a rare public presentation, on the technical merits of LED this or epitaxy that.

Really valuable stuff if you directly do that work. But for a journalist who is mostly going cross-eyed, not so much. It can be painful.

This is a really valuable event for signage people who want to understand where things are at technically, and where they are going, as well as the business side of the display supply chain. You will learn a ton, and it is wise to approach this with the knowledge that a lot of it is going to be way, way, way over your pointy head.

It is not a biz dev show for integrators, software and solutions people. There are very big brands attending this thing, but the Apple people, for example, are engineers looking at different types of screens, like AMOLED and the many foldable products emerging. They’d have no clue about or interest in digital signage.

LG was the only mainstream display company here, and is usually the case, they had a killer booth. The other guys – notably Samsung – were around, based on scanning name badges.

My head is clogged with information and I have a phone book-sized book that has the slides for many presentations, as well as enough downloaded PDFs to keep me busy on a Toronto-Beijing flight.

The headlines are:

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