Dan Hagen Of 10Net, On Building Digital Signage In The Pacific Northwest

May 15, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Dan Hagen is a relatively young guy, and a bit of an Energizer Bunny. I know of him as the 10net guy from Vancouver, but I was surprised to learn in a conversation that he has been involved in digital signage since before it was called digital signage.

He was a funding founder of Mercury Online Solutions, which in the late 90s and early 2000s was a big player in this business. That company sold to 3M, and as way too often happens, things went south quickly when a plucky little company gets absorbed into a monster of a company.

Hagen did a few things but eventually found his way to 10net, which is a solutions provider that does most of its work in Vancouver, BC, but is now trying to establish itself south of the border in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

In our chat, we get into how 10net does things, the kinds of projects it works on, and our shared point of view that sum of the most effective digital signage jobs out there are, at first glance, kinda boring looking.

There’s not a lot of sizzle in things like backroom screens for safety messaging on ferries, but they make a real difference.

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