UK’s Allsee Marketing Battery-Powered Digital Sandwich Boards

May 2, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Birmingham, UK-based Allsee Technologies has started marketing a digital sandwich board display that’s portable and runs 12-plus hours on a rechargeable battery.

The pitch is that these things are easily positioned wherever they need to be, and don’t need to be against a wall to get power, or require a power cord that becomes a tripping risk.

I like the form factor, and ease of moving around. The units have 44,000 mAh batteries inside. The 700 nits will not win out over direct sunlight, but will do a good job in bright indoor venues like malls. They run Android 5.1, which is a couple of generations behind what is current. That version is good enough for simple signage, though, which is the intent with these.

No idea on price.

Toronto-based Design Science has been doing battery-powered displays for years, and has units running 12+ hours, as well, though I don’t know that the company has done high-brights (more power used) or this sandwich-board style.

Search Alibaba and all kinds of battery-powered screens come up, but, well, good luck with going down that path.

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