Reno’d Dallas Hotel Adds Big Pair Of LED Art Columns To Entry

April 11, 2019 by Dave Haynes

This is a nice LED art piece that wraps around two columns at the entrance of the newly-renovated Sheraton Dallas Hotel.

The historic hotel’s entrance uses 2.5mm LED modules from SNA Displays. Each of the eight faces on the columns measures 8’10” high and 3’11” wide, and has a resolution of 1,080 pixels tall by 480 pixels wide.

The LED columns mirror each other on either side of the Sheraton’s circle-drive entrance at 400 N. Olive St., just across the street from The International Conference and Exposition Center. The screens are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, meaning visitors can view the art content from the street, the entrance itself, or inside the lobby.

“The digital columns are a fantastic way to showcase the hotel’s overall design theme of celebrating art, since we are at the intersection of the art district and Deep Ellum,” says Maki Nakamura Bara, Co-Founder & President of building owner The Chartres Lodging Group. “And to add movement, perspective, and technology just takes the theme to another level! I receive so many amazing comments about the installation, and it has a lasting impression on our customers. They will not forget the hotel because of it!”

SNA Displays was part of a project team that included Prism Electric’s Technology Division, which managed the display installation, and leftchannel, the content design studio that created the digital art piece and will be responsible for refreshing content for the new video screens.

I like. It is a bit reminiscent of the Cosmo lobby in Vegas, in terms of experiential support columns. I get slightly twitchy seeing fine pitch LED in an entry area that sees hundreds of big, clunky roller bags coming in and out daily, but assume these columns are sufficiently out of the normal in/out flow that they won’t get bumped and scratched. The LED modules seem to start about 30 inches above the finished floor, so that helps reduce the number of roller bags that might do a number on the fragile LED chips.

Nice content! It would be all wrong if these LEDs were doing calls to action for the 4-6 PM Happy Hour! in the lobby bar. This is meant to set a tone for the building and hotel guest experience.

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