Shiseido Installs 63-Foot Sony Crystal LED Wall In Its New Yokohama Innovation Center

April 10, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Sony has announced what I’d imagine is its biggest deal yet for its much gawked at Crystal LED video wall technology – a monster 63 feet by 17 feet screen built for the Japanese cosmetics group Shiseido, based in Yokohama. It is in the company’s new Shiseido Global Innovation Center.

The aggregate of all those teeny pixels in a horizontal row is 16K resolution, though each CLED display cabinet is 320 by 360 pixels. Sony uses micro LED technology. At 1.2 mm, the pixel pitch isn’t as fine as many competing direct view LED products now on the market, but what makes the Sony displays pop is that the teeny-tiny LEDs have a lot of black space between each of them, which really improves contrast levels.

There is not a lot of 16K media just sitting around, so custom content drives the huge indoor billboard.

Not sure what this would have cost, but in yen, probably a number followed by 000,000,000.

The electronics giant is using a Crystal LED – not that big – as a presentation theater for its stand this week at the NAB show in Las Vegas. NAB is a huge broadcast TV tech show.

I assume Sony will have a version of the Crystal LED at Infocomm in June in Orlando. It did at ISE.

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