Watch Extended Length Interviews Done On DSE 2019 Show Floor

April 9, 2019 by Dave Haynes

When I was at DSE a couple of weeks ago, I noticed retail consultant Laura Davis-Taylor running around with a microphone and camera doing interviews at a bunch of stands.

I know Laura as a seriously-smart retail expert and somebody who’s been around signage forever, but not so much as a member of the trade press.  Turns out she was doing something called DSF Live for the Digital Signage Federation. We’re both on the board, but evidently I had a senior moment and was oblivious to that plan.

Anyway, she did live interviews, I guess, using Periscope, and those interviews were also recorded and now available on demand to review. Laura knows her stuff and can ask smart questions, and she went around to a diverse selection of booths.

These are longer, in general, than the videos that rave publications does at trade shows – which tend to be 50-90 seconds, and amount to a vendor doing his or her elevator pitch or pitches for products and services being touted. They’re not, typically, interviews. It’s more like: “Here’s a mike. There’s the camera. You have 60 seconds. Talk!”

Those rave vids have a valuable role, but I like what Laura did.

The archive of 18 interviews is here. If you missed DSE, or like me, got pulled in so many directions at the show you couldn’t see everything, these vids are very useful.



  1. Laura Davis says:

    Thanks Dave! It was a bit of a last-minute thing, but it was a ton of fun and gave me a chance to visit with some folks–both known and emerging–and talk them via the lens of a practitioner. It was a GREAT show this year and Rave was amazing!

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