10th Annual 16:9 Mixer Easily Best Yet

March 27, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Pretty much bang-on 5:25 last night the 3rd floor elevator dinged and opened up, with the first of what was a wave of people arriving and ready to go for the 10th annual 16:9 Mixer, which has grown into the traditional first big networking event of Digital Signage Expo week.

The Hard Rock Cafe has been hosts for this for many years, and they have it all down – providing the venue and people to make for what I think was the best one we’ve done to date. We didn’t change the formula at all, but what we do worked well.

A tiny young woman I ribbed about being the world’s smallest bouncer kept an eye on the arrivals, and had a little clicker-counter thingie that suggests we eventually went way past 350 attendees. I ticketed 400-plus, and expect a percentage not to show because of changed plans.

Mets tons and tons of old friends, and a made a bunch of new ones. The reviews were good.

If you were there, and we didn’t get a chance to meet or talk, I hope you had a great time. I only made it into the party twice – once for a badly needed pint, and then to connect a couple of industry people. The rest of the time, I was up front playing Walmart greeter.

The people who suggested I was looking great and had lost a few pounds must have missed my baby bump. But springtime is coming and I like to walk, walk, walk it off.

Thanks to my “staff” – wife, sister-in-law and brother in law, who worked the front desk and took lotsa photos (which I will post later).

That’s my big DSE thing. The show itself opens in a few hours, and I have a pile of social events after. But no obligations. Yay!

Have a great DSE and see you on the exhibit hall floor.

  1. Pat Hellberg says:

    Glad to hear the mixer was a success. If only Miranda/Melissa/Madeline would show up for work, I’m sure she would say hi.
    Enjoy DSE

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