DSE 2019 Booth Previews – 60 Or So Done And Up

March 22, 2019 by Dave Haynes

If you are getting on a plane in the next 2-3 days to get to Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, you can get a sense of who and what to see by searching here on DSE+2019+booth.

This year, roughly 60 exhibitors submitted previews, which is way up on previous years, when I had to pretty much scold marketers for not taking advantage of free PR love. The flood of 2019 submissions kinda overwhelmed me, and has me thinking I need some sort of WordPress thingie that will pretty much allow vendors to submit and publish next year, without me screwing around with copying and pasting stuff, stripping out HTML and saving (or looking for) logos and suitable photos.

Ideas on that are much welcomed …

60 previews is 31% of the expected exhibitor count at DSE this year. Just checked and currently there are 190 listed exhibitors.

What you’ll read in the previews are the arguments vendors make about why you should go see them. There are, practically, only 14 hours of trade show floor time, and if you have a lot of interests, that time will evaporate on you. If this is the one show you go to in a year, having a plan is just smart.

This will be my 4th trade show, already, of 2019, so a lot of what’s out there I’ve already seen at NRF, ISE or ShopTalk. I tend to head to the outer edges and back of the show, when I go in, to see the start-ups and small guys who may be unfamiliar.

Me and Mrs. Sixteen:Nine are heading down Sunday, with a lovely detour courtesy of Westjet to Edmonton airport, with a connection of seven-plus freaking hours. My Halifax-Toronto-Vegas flight got messed up and reassigned because of the 737 Max 8 grounding. Grrrr.

Next week:

Monday – something approximating golf with industry friends (if you live in Vegas, and your house is even near Las Vegas National, wear a helmet if you go outside between noon and 4:30); mixer planning dinner with my helpers

Tuesday – badge pickup and podcast interviews at LVCC; then the big 16:9 mixer (400-plus badges printed)

Wednesday – show hall; DSE Mixer; Apex Awards; Broadsign mixer; Brightsign thing at TopGolf (love that place); Peerless party unless I somehow am smart enough to realize I should go sleep (I’m easily led astray). Many other events going on, including a BBQ at an AirBnB house, but …

Thursday – show hall; quiet evening, please …

Friday – head home, hopefully on a far more direct flight.

If you are going, safe travels and see you there. If not, I will attempt, as always, to squeeze out posts after Day 1 and 2. Easier said than done.

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