Levi’s Time Square Flagship Uses 1,000+ Sq. Ft. Of LED To Drive In-Store Experience

March 20, 2019 by Dave Haynes

The new-ish Levi’s flagship store in Times Square in New York City (lotsa posts lately about NYC and Times Square!) is, at nearly 17,000 square feet, the apparel company’s largest flagship.

It’s a multi-level shop, opened last fall, that goes big on AV – notably fine pitch D3 LED displays, run by Reflect CMS software and BrightSign boxes.

“Times Square stores are among the highest-visibility retail establishments in the world. Delivering a brand-right digital experience was our goal,” says Brandie Perkins, Senior Account Manager at Reflect, in a case study brief.

The store has three LED panels in key areas:

The screens run on just a pair of BrightSign XT1144 media players, plus a couple more used as failover players.

The screens run hyper-local content designed specifically for this location, highlighting New York City and the Levi’s tradition and brand.

“Seeing the reactions of customers walking into the store and going to the lower level is just fun. They are surrounded and immersed in this totally unique, New York, bigger than life, experience. From the second they walk in the store you can see the awe and excitement on people’s faces,” says Perkins. “The new store design has been a huge success. The combination of the location, the store managers, the tailors, the displays and the amazing content all work together to make the store something really special.”

The supplied pix look to have been shot by a pro, but I can’t totally tell what’s what, other than the escalator one. Think the top one is the 82-footer and the curved one is to the left of the tailor shop sign in pic above here.

You can take a VR tour here, which helps …

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