Cancun Party Hotel Adds Huge Projection Mapping Show

March 20, 2019 by Dave Haynes

Via Multimedia AV

I’m sure there is a large percentage of 20+ and even 30+ people who would look at what happens at the Melody Maker resort hotel in Cancun, and conclude they must go there.

Then there are people like me who would conclude they must avoid that place, or anywhere near it, at all costs.

Multimedia AV has a case study up about a permanent projection mapping job at the resort – which is frighteningly described as the world’s biggest party hotel. When I was 21, hell yeah. 61, hell no.

Anyway … the projection mapping job on the oceanside facade of the hotel is 7,000 sq. meters of light, driven by a Screenberry server, Datapath video wall controllers and 16 Barco projectors. Madrid-based New Media Creative Technology Studio and Kiev-based Front Pictures did the creative.

This is touted as the biggest permanent projection mapping job on a hotel. As this tech gets easier to use, and more familiar in the marketplace, I’d expect more hotel operators to be doing this sort of thing. It’s probably cheaper than local entertainers, and properly-maintained projectors don’t call in sick.

Here’s a link to the video (it is not permitted to embed, which is silly).

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